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This method is for producing multiple cuts per cycle. This has a longer set-up time than baloney slitting. The process actually rewinds the material layer by layer across a set of pre-spaced knives and spacers, onto a rewind shaft that is set with pre-slit cores and spacers, with each individual slit roll wound on individual tension-controlled cores. 
We are capable of slitting jumbo logs of tape ; and at the same time, we are able to create logs of standard length adhesive products from jumbo logs. These standard length logs are custom slit at a later date to meet the specified needs of the customer.

Also, we have the ability to rewind / slit numerous rolls of narrow width material with dry adhesive on liner paper from wide web jumbo rolls of the same. Tension control features of the machines cause the individual rolls to have uniform cuts, despite the wide width of the jumbo rolls being cut. So, the rewind/slitting process essentially creates numerous smaller rolls from one larger roll of material.

This process allows high speed slitting through the use of razor, shear, or score blades.

Kruse Tapes typically works with 3" core material, cores may be plastic or paper, and this is just one more value added service we offer to our customers.