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Kruse Tapes perforating services for adhesive tape produces a sequence of holes or cuts, allowing pieces to be torn with ease as they are separated from the perforation. We cut perforations at any desired length into the tape to best meet customer’s requirements. With our perforating services, the easy tear of pieces of tape is created for the exact desired length in the tape.
Our precision perforating services utilize the best equipment to create these holes or cuts into materials. The materials are run through a converting machine to the desired length, where then perforation holes are created. Each perforating blade has a sequence of serrated teeth arranged to create the precise tear line into the adhesive tape.

Some of the industries in which perforating services are needed include:

- Retail

- Electronics

- Transportation

- Automotive

- Medical

- Hospitals

- Specialty industries

- Printing

- Packaging

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